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Glutathione: The most powerful antioxidant in the world

We hear very much about the importance of antioxidant consumption to maintain good health over time. Today we will develop the main discoveries that research has produced about the antioxidant considered the most powerful in the world, glutathione.

Glutathione is a tripeptide produced by cells and is composed of glutamate, cysteine, and glycine. Is considered the main antioxidant of cells, since it helps protect them from reactive oxygen compounds, such as peroxides and free radicals. In the same way, it helps to eliminate many foreign compounds and carcinogenic agents, both organic and inorganic.

This antioxidant fulfills an essential function for the immune system to develop its maximum potential, since it is also capable of increasing the proliferation of lymphocytes (increasing the response capacity), it can increase the elimination of cytotoxic T cells, NK cells and regulates the destruction of damaged cells to control the immune response.

Among the functions already mentioned, it also plays an important role in numerous metabolic and biochemical reactions such as protein synthesis, DNA repair, prostaglandin synthesis, enzyme activation, and amino acid transport. This is how the balance of the most important systems of the organism depends largely on the presence of glutathione.

Althoug there is so much information about the benefits of this antioxidant, many people forget to find out about the most effective ways to consume it. As we already mentioned, glutathione is produced by cells from amino acids, which creates problems when looking for oral alternatives for its consumption. This is because the compound hardly manages to survive stomach acids and, subsequently, pancreatic enzymes; resulting in minimal absorption.

According to studies, it has been determined that the most viable ways to increase glutathione levels are to maintain a healthy diet and supply it intravenously, since the first is the natural way to obtain it and the second is an option to take it directly into the bloodstream without damaging its composition.

As always, we recommend you to consult with your trusted specialist to find out the details inherent in glutathione consumption. Comment us what do you think about glutathione!

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