About Us

IV professionals at your services!

Feeling sick, energy drained, painfully
or just want to feel better?

In Drip O5 we have exactly what your body need to feel completely restored and ready for daily activity!

Drip O5 is a company founded by a group of professionals
specialized in the field of IV therapy.

We guide our efforts to give you the best experience, making sure you get the highest IV infusion cocktails. We are currently located in the city of Miami, offering our services directly to the comfort of your home, office or hotel room. We have a rigorously trained medical team to bring you the best IV therapy experience. Likewise, we make sure that our inputs, vitamins and minerals are of the highest quality to guarantee the maximum absorption of their benefits in the midst of a pleasant experience.

What does our drips contains?

At Drip O5 we understand the main factors that cause disease and discomfort to most people. Modernity has brought great advances, but it has also left us exposed to silent diseases that are more complex to treat. However, our infusions aim to fight any agent that progressively deteriorates health over time.


Is the basis of our body┬┤s activity. Staying well hydrated allows us to regulate body temperature, transport and distribute nutrients, eliminate toxins, achieve proper digestion of food, lubricate joints, among many other processes. Fluid or electrolyte deficit will cause functional failure.


Are inorganic compounds that intervene in the chemical and electrical exchanges of the organism. Studies shows that of 90 minerals found in food, 26 of them are essential for our health. Therefore, the deficit of these would lead to the dysfunction of any cycle or to disease.


Are organic compounds that the human body cannot produce on its own. These substances found in food are of vital importance for the development of metabolic processes in living beings. There are 13 essential vitamins (A, C, D, E, K and 8 types of vitamin B) and, frequently, the sustained deficiency of any of them would lead to disease.

Why is an IV necessary?

The figures published by the main managers of national statistics show a progressive increase in the rate of people suffering from some type of disease in recent years. According to these, 70% of the American population must live under the dependence of some medicine.

These figures are not only the result of bad habits among our citizens, since we also find an increase of toxic agents with which we must interact daily. In the same way, we find our food and other daily use products systematically contaminated with

chemicals that makes mass production possible, but deteriorate our health. IV therapy helps fight free radicals and other harmful agents for our body, while strengthening our system to maintain maximum energy and well-being.

Combine your IV Therapy with healthy habits and get out of that 70%!

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