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Welcome to DRIP O5!

A company made up of experts dedicated to providing you with well-being through IV Therapy. This technique allows insertion of vitamins, minerals and any other essential substances to the body through an intravenous infusion. An enriched IV infusion is a great way to correct any organic discomfort while you enjoy a pleasant experience.

Mobile IV Therapy

We are able to cover Miami, just let us know your location and relax while we come to you.

Experienced IV Therapy Team

We bring all our expertise to make you live the experience of
feeling completely renewed among a pleasant service.

Complete Your Therapy in 3 Steps!

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Text us, mail us, complete a web form or even call and you’ll be assisted immediately.


If you use mobile texting, mail or web form, a specialist will contact you as soon as possible to complete your schedule.​​

We Come to You!

Let us know your location and we will come to you! Sit and relax, you are about to experience a totally renewed body!

Top 5 Choices Of The Month!


Try the top immune booster your
body can have!


Bring total cleansing of the endocrine and
exocrine systems for a complete recover.


Have better performance during physical
activity, as well as a quick recovery from
your training sessions.


Even if you’re totally healthy, you can strengthen
bones, improve muscle response, improve the
functioning of the nervous system, promote
muscle and bone regeneration.


Eliminates free radicals, promotes skin
regeneration, restores hair and
strengthens nails.

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